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On the starting grid, like on a real racing car. The Wave Force professional pedal unit adapts perfectly to the needs of a modern and technological guide.



Sophisticated design and materials quality, make the Wave Italy pedals a mechanical and electronic jewel that accurately replicate the look and performance of the real controller. Wave Force performance is ensured by brake operating presssure up to 200 Kg and a maximum force on the pedal up to 100kg, (top values in the market), for an extreme performance and strong emotions. The operating force applied on the accelerator can be adjusted to 10 different values, allowing a fully customized setting of the layout.

Developed with professional-grade 3D designing and simulation tools it is realized by an aluminum casting process to guarantee lightness and definition in details, perfected with precision machine tools before undergoing severe stress tests to ensure greater reliability, robustness and durability.

Pedal body and base body of each module are entirely made of anodized aluminum to ensure great precision in movements, high reliability and maximum driving comfort, thanks to its lightness. Possibility to have the Pedal Set in different colors for some parts in anodized aluminum.

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Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

General characteristics

Total customization freedom

  • Fully customizable for the perfect Ergonomic, position and angle.
  • Pedals inclination and position of settable plates, for every need.
  • Adjustable distance between each pedal column.
  • Possibility to 100% customize the curve Force / Brake Shift
  • Adjustable support base and heel rest plate.
  • The pedal support base (included) allows you to install them on the ground, simulation platforms, or you can hang them for a more classic experience.
  • Scuff plates, supplied with the Support, to guide the heel position and the ergonomic adjustment of the leg / ankle angle.
  • Exclusive 16-bit electronic, designed entirely by Wave Italy engineers and developed with the contribution of professional pilots.

Pedals Performance – Force Points adjustments


Throttle pedal:

  • The force to be applied on the pedal can be set to 10 different values, from soft to very hard.
  • Two preloaded starting position to choose.
  • Rotary position sensors for Professional use, 5 million cycles guaranteed and a 0.1 degrees sensibility.
  • Pedal corner with 2 positions:
    • Super-fine adjustments can be applied to the pedal position, thanks to a threaded aluminum strut.
  • The total travel range can be changed by up to 25 degrees.

Brake pedal:

  • Starting with a race car telemetry data analysis, the pedal succeed in replicating the force needed, along the travel distance, to perfectly reproduce what the drivers feels. Thanks to our patented system it is possible to change the brake pedal feedback replacing the standard internal module with the ones supplied by Wave Italy to get feedback as in a road, GT or Formula 1 car, or to customize it at choice.
  • The already equipped professionally calibrated load cell gives a total operating range pressure of 200Kg (441lbs), with a maximum foot pressure up to 100Kg (220lbs)

Plug & Play

USB port for easy connection to the PC from which sensors can be calibrated.


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